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Already waiting for you

Businesses undergo a generation change. Managers who often made it without computers are leaving, while the incoming generation spends more time in social networks than outdoors.

Your profiles and offers are eagerly awaited by people who live on the Internet

Before they meet you they will certainly try to profile you on the Internet from all available angles. Soon they will be deciding about your business. The Internet is as important to them as air or water.

We will help formulate your team’s sales strategy to maximize its potential and employ modern technologies to improve cooperation with customers and increase profits.

We will help you maximize your business potential.

Michal Kankrlík, IVITERA sales director, introduces IVITERA Consulting services.

We will help you formulate your sales strategy to maximize your sales potential by utilizing modern technologies and processes that lead to improved customer cooperation and greater profits. We build on our own experience gained in our own Internet projects.

We walk our talk

We are helping our clients to start up their own businesses by harnessing the power of the Internet, and by saving on useless investment into inefficient projects and campaigns.

We have created not one but a number of products and services that earn on the Internet. You may get lucky once if you find yourself in the right place at the right time. If you want your tenth project to earn as well as your previous ones, you must know what you are doing.

We invest into our own development, sales and marketing to save you time and expenses.

In February 2004 we were among the first to start using Google AdWords, later also Sklik and other PPC systems.

We were a major advertiser with Google, Seznam and Centrum. We do not spend with either of them any more, yet our online presentation is more efficient than ever before. Do you want to know why?

Kickstart your business with us.

We will provide consulting and training services for your sales, relying on the Inside Sales methodology and information technologies in sales, sales team outsourcing and call center operation.

  • How to improve communication and sales especially to B2B customers
  • How to set up a working call center even in a smaller company, or outsource it with us
  • How to implement the Inside Sales methodology in your company
  • How to maximize sales within your current sales potential
  • How to find the right training for your sales team to learn about Internet-based sales
  • How to set up a sales management system and monitor success indicators
  • How to manage people to achieve the required sales results
All we will tell you we have already tried ourselves, and we are still testing it in our own projects.
We will tell you what worked and what failed.

We will strengthen the role of the Internet in your sales strategy and show you

  • How to set up your sales strategy by working with your customer community in social networks
  • How and where to advertise and how to evaluate results
  • How to obtain maximum information on your clients beforehand and what tools to use
  • How to attract more clients through correctly applied content-based marketing
  • How to identify potential leads and convert them to new customers
  • How to attract new customer through your own Web and e-mail and how to make the current ones return to you
  • How to make sales videos, webinars, and how to attract new clients with video content

Do you know what interests your customers and what do they like to watch on the Internet?

Make an appointment and we will show you how to make the most out of Ivitera Consulting services in sales and modern technology.