Whatever market segment IVITERA is present in, it strives to be the first to bring you your solution, or become the first to introduce a major innovation that is not available from anyone else.

Interviews Management TV a HR tv

We own in-house user behavior data.

Through analyzing the behavior of thousands of registered B2B users we gain a detailed overview of their behavior, needs and interests. We use these data for our consulting projects and we can showcase their results to you.

The EduCity portal owns the largest, regularly updated database of professional education data – approx. 60 thousand courses and provider profiles.

Our consultants are experienced in working for large businesses as well as small subcontractors.

Does your consultant know that, too?

We host one of the largest communities and receive frequent visits from managers and experts at large and medium-size businesses. We host the largest Czech LinkedIn discussion group for human resource management.

HR News, EduCity, HR Tv, Management Tv, Professional Catalog and Meetings reach out to a large community of potential customers across the Czech Internet. We can tell you what we know about them.

We have long-standing experience with implementing Internet projects since 2004, and with implementing cloud-based tools and integrating with SAP in companies such as O2 or innogy.