Take advantage of outsourced invoicing of educational services through IVITERA a.s. as a single billing point

Do you need to reduce the number of billing entities in the field of education, coaching or counseling? Are your employees overloaded with administrative training solutions for employee training? Are you forced to reduce the cost of corporate training?

What can we help you with?

The operator of the largest portals offering training and courses in the Czech Republic, IVITERA a.s., offers you a single billing point service - outsourced invoicing of recruitment and training services and administration related to communication with suppliers.

Since 2003 we have been operating the largest offer of professional education in the Czech Republic - portals EduCity. cz, Školení.cz, Abravito.cz, EU-DAT.cz or HR News.cz.

We have been involved in the outsourced invoicing of educational events or solving the educational process in companies since 2004.

The price for setting up and running the outsourced invoicing will be agreed with you individually. You can contact us via the reply form or by using the contacts.

Michal Kanrlík

Outsourcing of training services invoicing through IVITERA a.s. as a single billing point allows you to reduce the number of billing entities and save on employee training costs.

Michal Kankrlík, consultant and co-founder of IVITERA a.s.

When does the single billing point pay off?

Outsourced invoicing and purchasing of training services pays off both for larger companies, where a relatively large number of courses are ordered, and for small and medium-sized entities, for which it is unnecessary to employ a training specialist.

The single point of billing solution will help you to:

  • Reduce personnel costs, you can move employees to more skilled work;
  • Significantly reduce the number of suppliers and thus the number of orders for the purchase of these services
  • Improve the bargaining position vis-à-vis education providers and the possibility of negotiating higher discounts;
  • Use the electronic catalog of courses and suppliers;
  • Increase flexibility and reduce the cost of the training process

Why rely on EduCity and its operator IVITERA a.s. in the outsourced invoicing?

EduCity is the first portal in the Czech Republic, which since 2003 offers the largest range of training courses, conferences, consulting services and presentations of educational and consulting companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. EduCity offers over 50 thousand educational and consulting events.

EduCity cooperates with the largest number of suppliers on the education market in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad - over 250 clients, 3 thousand registered suppliers, 50 thousand courses.

We work with experienced professionals in the field of human resources management

We have contacts across the entire market and regions of the Czech Republic. We are vendor independent or consultant independent. Through the HR News portal we communicate with thousands of HR managers from all over the Czech Republic.

If necessary, we can offer you the LMS system My EduCity, which completely solves online course catalogues, approvals, workflow, reports, planning and records related to the educational process in the company.

Example of a specific outsourced invoicing offer

Outsourced invoicing service - setting up a single billing point for the client

The service is designed to save costs associated with ordering and processing external training events. The service allows the client to reduce the number of individual suppliers in a significant way by using one billing entity - IVITERA a.s., which will provide the re-invoicing and basic reporting of these services.

Description of the service

Outsourced invoicing is handled on the basis of incoming orders from the client. User orders are transmitted primarily by email to a specific IVITERA email. For client-side administrators, free access to the complete database of training programs is available for pre-selection of events at www.educity.cz.

The individual training suppliers will invoice the services for the client directly to IVITERA, or IVITERA will handle online payments for the participation of the client's employees on their own account (most often conferences, foreign events, etc.).1 x or 2 x per month, if necessary, a settlement will take place and a settlement invoice will be issued to the client for the agreed period by IVITERA.

The main points of the proposed solution:

  • one or two monthly summary invoices for the re-invoiced events
  • the invoice is accompanied by a report for which event is invoiced (date, course supplier, course price, name of participant if known)
  • Invoicing by IVITERA is directed to the client - a single collection e-mail or addressing a specific person according to the order number
  • the invoice is due time is 14 days
  • if it is necessary to pay a deposit before the event, an advance invoice is issued in the same amount as the requested deposit (applies to events over CZK 50,000 incl. VAT)
  • the financing of outsourced invoicing is handled in the following possible ways:
    • refundable deposit from the client in a pre-agreed amount
    • "zero" financing - when the client orders the course, the course supplier is informed that the invoicing is provided by IVITERA with a due date of 30 days (note: payment for the supplier's service is paid by IVITERA immediately after payment by the client, not before)
  • events are booked by the client's representative, unless otherwise specified or required
    • ordering the event can be done by IVITERA
  • the client determines the specific persons who are authorized to issue billing instructions by IVITERA a.s.
  • information from the client's side is sent to IVITERA to the agreed e-mail address
  • contact for this service: IVITERA Helpdesk, open on weekdays from 9:00 to 16:00, e-mail - helpdesk@ivitera.com, phone - +420 731 169 890, +420 736 700 918


We will save you costs and recommend a solution where you can buy training services at the best price on the market.