Use the Outsourcing of Educational Services Invoicing from CZK 500 for One Supplier Invoice

Do you need to reduce the number of billing entities in the field of education, coaching or counseling? Are your employees overloaded with administrative training solutions for employee training? Are you forced to reduce the cost of corporate training?

What can we help you with?

The largest portal offering training and courses in the Czech Republic - EduCity offers you the service of outsourcing the process of invoicing educational services and administration associated with communication with suppliers.

Since 2003, we have been operating the largest offering of professional training in the Czech Republic - the portals,, HR

We have been outsourcing ordering of educational events and solution of the educational process in companies since 2004.

The price for outsourcing the re-invoicing process starts from CZK 500 for one supplier invoice.

Michal Kanrlík

Each penny you earn, we have already earned; each penny you save, we have already spent.

Michal Kankrlík, consultant and Ivitera co-founder

When does the outsourcing pay off?

The outsourcing pays off both for larger companies, where a relatively large number of courses are ordered, and for small and medium-sized businesses which do not have to hire a training specialist.

Outsourcing ordering educational services will help you:

  • Reduce personnel costs, you can move employees to more skilled work;
  • Significantly reduce the number of vendors and orders to purchase these services;
  • Improve the bargaining position vis-à-vis education providers and the possibility of negotiating higher discounts;
  • Use the electronic catalog of courses and suppliers;
  • Increase flexibility and reduce the cost of the training process;

Why rely on EduCity in outsourcing?

EduCity is the first portal in the Czech Republic which since 2003 offers the largest selection of trainings, conferences, consulting services and ; presentations of training and consulting companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. EduCity offers over 50,000 training and consulting events.

EduCity cooperates with the largest number of suppliers on the education market in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad - over 250 clients, 3 thousand registered suppliers, 50 thousand courses.

We work with experienced professionals in HR management

We have contacts across the entire market and all regions of the Czech Republic. We are independent of any vendor or consultant. Through the HR News portal, we communicate with thousands of HR managers from all over the Czech Republic.

If necessary, we can offer you our LMS system My EduCity which completely solves online catalogs of trainings, approval, workflow, reports, planning, and records associated with the training process in your company.


We will save you money, are you looking for a specific lecturer or project? We will recommend a solution where you can buy educational services at the best price on the market.